Tennessee federal representative Marsha Blackburn co-sponsored a bill to permently ban Internet acess taxes. Way to go Marsha! (She’s my rep.)

The ban is on hold in the Senate because of people like Republican Lamar Alexander who is demonstrating his Democrat tendencies.

The left-wing Tennessean says:

Sen. Lamar Alexander is not voting to raise taxes. He is not trying to increase the cost of Internet access, nor is he advocating a new tax on e-mail.

Instead, Alexander is trying to protect states from excessive control by the federal government. Yet the conservative, states-rights position the senator has taken on Internet access taxes has been turned on its ear by his critics, many of whom are Republicans.

But my question to Alexander is why he is choosing this issue to stand up for State’s Rights? What other issue has Alexander even hinted at wanting to stand up for States Rights?

This is a smokescreen for the tax-hungry Alexander, proving that at least this leopard hasn’t changed its spots.