Back when TN Senator Thompson decided to retire from public life and return to Hollywood, I was excited because I thought this was a good chance for a state trending conservative to replace the sometimes-too-liberal Thompson.

I backed Congressman Ed Bryant, a true conservative. But in a massively disappointing move, Bush selected ex-governor Lamar Alexander, who is Republican only in the Yankee sense of the word. Besides having a few skeletons in his closet, he was a mediocre governor, a poor Secretary of Education, and failed at two presidential bids.

But most telling about Alexander is that Tennessee sales tax increased 83% while he was governor.

And now he’s at it again.

In spite of a tax surplus in Tennessee (well reported by the indispensable Hobbs), Tennessee Tax Revolt Alexander is aligned with Democrats to keep a crucial vote from happening – the vote that will extend the moratorium on internet sales taxes, which ends this Saturday.

Given that the Wall Street Journal reports that third quarter economic growth was at “a sizzling 7.2% rate” (the strongest in 20 years), one would think that Lamar (who owes his job to the president) would align himself with the president’s tax-cutting policies. But Alexander wants more taxes.

As he is nearing the end of his political career, it is doubtful that Alexander will respond to public pressure from the voter base. IMHO, he is more interested in expanding his those-who-owe-him-favors circle and feathering his own nest.

Still, it certainly won’t hurt to try. Contact Senator Alexander and demand that he get in line with his party and his president.

Update: Hobbs has more on this subject (of course).