Enough people have asked me for my voting guide that I have finally created and posted it. Thanks to everyone for the interest.

I know, there are only two more days of early voting left. And I know (courtesy of John Harvey) that there has been a record turnout of early voters in Shelby County. Hopefully no one came looking and went to the polls empty handed and made a horrible mistake [poor attempt at wry humor in written form].

But I feel compelled to explain why I picked who and what I did.

“Marriage Protection” Amendment: Most of my friends and acquaintances, conservative and liberal alike, will no doubt be surprised at my voting “no” on amendment 1.

But I do so not because I think homosexuals should be allowed to marry, but because I don’t think marriage is any business of the governments. It is a religious issue. If a church wants to allow gays to marry and you don’t like it, then I suggest you don’t go to that church.

I believe the debate has been framed incorrectly. The issue is whether same sex partners should be legally entitled to benefits and what to do with the children. And frankly, I think they should be entitled to benefits (which is why I will never be elected to public office as a Republican) and that children will end up in same sex households no matter what the laws are, so we must deal with the issue.

Besides, I am opposed to enshrining a restriction on anything except the government in a constitution. I won’t say more on this aspect because Say Uncle has eloquently covered the topic.

Tax Relief for Seniors Amendment: I don’t like the wording but I like the concept. Give those seniors who need it a break. Hopefully, this won’t get abused.

Governor: Bredesen has been wrapped up in more scandal than any governor in a long, long time, not that you would know it from the media coverage. I pick Bryson because Bredesen and his cronies don’t deserve a second chance.

US Senate: Ford is so liberal that he has a score of 21 from the American Conservative Union. For comparison’s sake, Arlen Spector has a 63 and Robert Byrd has a 20. I don’t love Corker, but this one is a no brainer.

US House: I have defended Marsha and posted as to why I love Marsha. Nothing has changed. I’m joyfully voting Marsha Blackburn.

State Races: I have personally met and spoken with every candidate that has a red checkmark next to their name. Every one is a good man. I believe that I know most of them well enough that I would personally vouch for them in just about any situation.

Angelo Cobrasci: Henri “No Pledge” Brooks is running for reelection in District 92. This woman is a blight on Tennessee politics, so I recommend writing in Angelo Cobrasci. Not because he will win (even if he did, he doesn’t live in the district), but because it is well known that he is the most fearsome wingnut in the county. Send a signal: we want true conservatives!

In fact, I recommend writing “Angelo Cobrasci” in for any race that doesn’t have a true conservative in the race.

Bartlett Mayor: I do not endorse reelecting Mayor McDonald because I am still trying to determine if he deserves it. But he is popular and running unopposed — there is no doubt that he will win in a landslide of massive proportions. I may just write in Angelo Cobrasci.

Bartlett Alderman 1: Do you like the direction Bartlett is headed? Then vote for Morris. I don’t know of anything that he has done that makes me want to pull the lever for him.

Meanwhile, Bubba Pleasant will bring important political contacts (having served in the TN House) and a know-how that is hard to beat. On the other hand, I wasn’t a huge Bubba fan.

Judging from the number of yard signs, I’d say Bubba is cruising to victory. He can probably do that on name recognition alone.

Another Angelo Cobrasci write-in? I don’t know. I’ll decide tomorrow at the poll.

     Update: The night before the election, I found out that Morris is a realtor. I don’t like the way they are throwing up houses on quarter-acre lots across the street from $400K houses on 4 acre lots, and I don’t like a realtor being in charge of such decisions. I’d rather have a retired fireman with contacts in Nashville in charge. I enthusiastically endorse Bubba Pleasant for Alderman Position 1.

Bartlett Alderman 2: I’ve met and like Emily. She makes an effort to meet the citizens and hear them out. She’s running unopposed, which I’m not displeased about. She gets my vote.

Bartlett Alderman 3: Bridges is a college kid whose political experience seems to consist of working on campaigns for the Ford family. I’ll be voting for Parsons.

BTW, click here if you want the official Shelby County ballot.