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These candidates have been researched and approved by AlphaPatriot.
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Constitutional Amendments
Amendment 1
  Yes  Vote YES if you believe marriage should be defined in the Tennessee constitution as being between a man and a woman.
  NO  Vote NO if you believe in homosexual marriages or if you don’t think this is an issue for the constitution.
Amendment 2
  Yes  Vote YES if you want to freeze property taxes for people 65 and older.
  NO  Vote NO if don’t believe senior citizens should be given tax relief.


State and Federal Offices
Governor  Jim Bryson
US Senate  Bob Corker
US House Dist. 7  Marsha Blackburn
US House Dist. 8  John Farmer
US House Dist. 9  Mark White
TN Senate Dist. 29  Terry Allen Roland
TN Senate Dist. 31  Paul Stanley
TN Senate Dist 33  
TN House Dist. 83  Brian Kelsey
TN House Dist. 84  
TN House Dist. 85  
TN House Dist. 86  
TN House Dist. 87  
TN House Dist. 88  
TN House Dist. 89  John Farmer
TN House Dist. 90  
TN House Dist. 91  
TN House Dist. 92  (Write-in) Angelo Cobrasci
TN House Dist. 93  Tim Cook
TN House Dist. 95  Curry Todd
TN House Dist. 96  Steve McManus
TN House Dist. 97  Jim Coley
TN House Dist. 98  
TN House Dist. 99  Ron Lollar


Bartlett Municipal
Mayor  A. Keith McDonald
Alderman, Position 1  Mike Morris (Incumbent)
   W.C. “Bubba” Pleasant
Alderman, Position 2  Emily Elliot (Incumbent)
Alderman, Position 3  Burton B. Bridges
   David Parsons (Incumbent)


Collierville Municipal
Alderman, Position 1  Maureen J. Fraser (Incumbent)
Alderman, Position 2  Stan Joyner (Incumbent)
Alderman, Position 4  Tom Allen
   Justin G. Mitchell (Incumbent)


Germantown Municipal
Mayor  Sharon Goldsworthy (Incumbent)
Alderman, Position 1  Carole Hinely (Incumbent)
Alderman, Position 2  John Drinnen (Incumbent)


Memphis Municipal
Board of Education At-Large, Pos. 1  David Page
   Juanita Clark Stevenson
   Ed Vaughn
   Kenneth T. Whalum, Jr.
Board of Education, District 2  Deni C. Hirsh
   Betty Mallott
   Arnold Weiner
Board of Education, District 4  Martavius D. Jones
 Board of Education, District 6  Darrick D. Harris
   Carl Johnson
   Sharon A. Webb