Politico warns Beware: More congressional rancor ahead.

Last year’s congressional session, derided by many as the least productive ever, is about to get a run for its money.

Despite ending the year with a glimmer of bipartisanship after passing a budget agreement and defense bill, lawmakers and aides are predicting this year will be filled mostly with show votes and partisan bickering unlikely to abate until the midterm elections.

If the first legislative week of 2014 is a guide, those skeptics could very well be proven right. The Senate fell into a familiar state of paralysis, unable to agree on reviving emergency unemployment benefits and instead shifting to insular debates over the chamber’s leadership and procedure.

Sounds about right. Money quote from our own Sen. Alexander:

“One way to change it is to elect six more Republican senators,” Alexander said.

True enough. But even better, how about six Libertarians?