The Bartlett Express reports that the Stage Road corridor experienced “a crime wave” in 2006, and there have already been store robberies on the east end, west end and a business located on Bartlett Blvd. off Stage Road (which is pretty close to the west end). A related story gives the details:

  • Jan. 6: 2 black males armed with a silver handgun robbed the Tan-N-Go on Bartlett Blvd, reaping less than $100.
  • Jan. 11, 1 black male robbed the Friendly Quick Stop on Stage Road at gunpoint. The owner gave the criminal about $3,000 but refused to hand over a laptop (?!). The lowlife then attempted to murder the store owner, attempting to fire the gun twice. The gun failed (criminals are idiots), the pair struggled, and the scum fled.
  • Jan. 15, 1 black male who was holding something that may have been a weapon robbed the Geno’s Stop and Save on Stage Road. The amount gained was not reported.

The west end of Bartlett butts up against Memphis and the neighborhoods in that area are declining. In fact, I moved from that area just under a year ago just because of that very fact.

What is our elected leaders doing? Anyone? Ah yes, seven new officers. No reported change in tactics or policies.

I’m beginning to regret not moving out of the county. At $1.91 a gallon, who cares that the drive is a little longer?