Received via email from local activist David Waldrip:

In the poll released by UT this week, the margin of error was 7 points when looking at the Republican Senate Primary. When you subtract that out of the lead of Bob Corker over Ed Bryant, then Corker only leads by 4 points.

Poor Bob. All that money spent, and only a 4 point lead.

And, I heard at lunch hour a radio ad by Corker touting his missionary trip to Haiti and his belief that each life is precious. That may be true. A line or two later, the announcer states something along the lines that many Pro Life Leaders in TN support Bob Corker. That statement is false. Many do not. One or two might. Brian Harris of TN Right to Life has said that that organization will not support Bob Corker even if he wins the primary. TN Right to Life is the big dog among the right to life groups.

For the Corker campaign to air such an ad, they either don’t care that they are misleading you, or they don’t think it will matter – that, come election time, enough barely informed voters will vote for Corker without knowing the details.

No offense to Van, but he cannot win at this point and is only splitting the conservative vote.

Ed Bryant can win this race, Ed Bryant is a rock solid conservative, and we need to each look at our calendars and carve out time to go do campaign work for Ed.

This is exactly right. Liberal Bob Corker raised the most money and even kicked in a bunch of his own in a blatent attempt to buy this election. When the voters of conservative-trending Tennessee didn’t go for that, he began resorting to attack ads and misrepresentations of his positions.

Ed Bryant has the TN Right to Life endorsement because he is the true conservative in this race. AND he is our best bet to beat Ford Jr.