Kathryn BowersFormer state senator Kathryn Bowers got some good news for a change: a tox screen came back showing she wasn’t drunk or drugged when this happened:

The 63-year-old Bowers was charged after her car swerved across three lanes of I-240 near Hollywood and struck a UPS truck about 4 p.m. Aug. 31.

She told police she had taken the sleep aid Ambien and six other medications she could not name, but that she had not been drinking alcohol.

In addition to not facing a DUI, a failure to exercise due care charge was also dismissed.

So now Bowers only has to worry about the reckless driving charge that was bound over to a grand jury.

And that whole public corruption thing where she (allegedly) accepted $11,500 in bribes from the FBI, of course.

I wonder if she can claim that she was drugged when she took a bribe? Can failure to exercise good judgement while totally fricked up really be a crime? Or would that give far, far too many of our elected servants an out? Senator Kennedy, do you have an opinion on that?