Bubba Pleasant has been in the Tennessee House for the past ten years and in that time has earned the ire of many a gun owner.

First, he cosponsored legislation to allow permit holders to carry in restaurants that served alchohol if they did not partake. But when the legislation came up for a vote he cowardly voted “present and not voting”, as documented in an email from the GOA:

There were eleven cosponsors that stabbed us in the back — which means we would have had 65 votes (two more than needed to pass the bill) if all these cosponsors had voted correctly.

By their actions, these backstabbers demonstrated that their sponsorship of HB 2225 was more about making you think they were pro-gun, rather than about any desire on their part to really advance gun rights in the state of Tennessee.

Now, there’re two groups of cosponsors who worked to keep HB 2225 from coming out of the committee and onto the floor. Each group acted in a slightly different way. But taken together, they effectively KILLED THE BILL.

First, please review the list of six backstabbers who cosponsored HB 2225, but then VOTED AGAINST the bill on the House floor:

Gene Davidson
Dennis Ferguson
Craig Fitzhugh
Bill Harmon
John Litz
Steve McDaniel

…these five cosponsors voted “present and not voting,” once again hoping that you wouldn’t notice that their abstentions kept Rep. Newton from getting the 63 votes that were needed to resurrect the pro-gun bill:

Jim Hackworth
Phillip Pinion
Bubba Pleasant
David Shepard
John Tidwell

Remember, this is from a representative who has carried an NRA rating of A to A- for the last eight years!

In addition, dear Bubba sponsored legislation that would limit the hours that a gun range could operate after developers moved into the neighborhood and built houses. He couched it in terms of noise reduction, but insiders said that it was aimed directly at limiting the operation of the Memphis Sports Shooting Association because of requests from personal friends and the finances thereof.

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