The National Coalition of Conservative Republicans has released early endorsements for the races this year:

Candidate Position
Carl Whitaker Governor (TN)

Mark White US Congress ( Dist. 9 )

John Farmer US Congress ( Dist. 8 )

Mark Luttrell Sheriff, Shelby County

Curry Todd State Rep. ( Dist. 95 )

Steve Stamson Shelby County Juvenile Court Clerk

Karla Templeton Shelby County Commissioner (Dist. 1 Pos. 3 )

Bob Patterson Shelby County Trustee

W.C. Bubba Pleasant Dist. 99

Curtis Person ( Former State Senator )

Dr. George Flinn Shelby County Commissioner ( Dist. 1 Pos. 2 )

Debbie Stamson Shelby County Clerk

Larry Potter General Sessios Judge (Div. 14)

Chris Craft Criminal Court Judge (Div. 8)

Austin Farley State Rep. (Dist. 97)

Tom Leatherwood Shelby County Register

Bill Key Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk

Ron Lollar Shelby County School Board

David Pickler Shelby County School Board

Joyce Avery Shelby County Commissioner (Dist. 4 Pos. 1)

Terry Roland State Senator (Dist. 29)