Michael Hooks, Sr. goes in front of the judge today to be sentenced for taking $24,200 in bribes from FBI agents in the Tennessee Waltz sting.

Say what you want to about Hooks Sr., but he isn’t stupid. Earlier this year Roscoe Dixon refused to show remorse for his part in the corruption scandal and was subsequently sentenced to 63 months in prison (5 yr. and 3 mo.). Hooks evidently learned from this display and has has publicly apologized, pleaded guilty, blamed no one but himself and not once did he play the race card. In fact, Hook’s attorney Steve Farese said in court papers:

(Hooks) respectfully submits that he has made an extraordinary public disclosure of his criminal activity which has helped to remove the specter of racism as had been alleged by some. This honest and forthright public admission was a heartfelt act of contrition, which not only lifted a burden from the Defendant but, more importantly, helped vindicate the Government’s investigation into public corruption. … Unlike others similarly situated, (Hooks) never implied that his indictment was based on race or that he never accepted money.

Not Edmund Ford, no sir! In the best Ford tradition, ol’ Edmund claims it a vast government conspiracy:

“Hey, they good at making movies,” said Ford.

But why would the federal government do such a thing?

During a break in the council meeting, reporters asked [Edmund Ford] why he was still voting. He replied: “I’m innocent, OK? I’m innocent.”

Earlier he told The Commercial Appeal “This is about color.”

“I’m a child of God, OK? I know what I have not done. Maybe this will open up the eyes of some people.”

Yep, open your eyes and see that it must be Bush’s fault! After Katrina, everyone knows that he hates minorities (in spite of “a cabinet unprecedented for its inclusiveness”).

If fact, according to Edmund, he doesn’t have time to be taking bribes!

You know, if anybody knows me, I’ve always said, if there’s some wrong doing I’m going to let the world know. You’ve been sitting there, when I made those statements, Mike, Ok? I work 5 hard jobs a day. I get up at 7:00 in the morning. I work 7 days a week. So take it from there.

Wow! 5 “hard” jobs every day! Let’s see, 8 hours of work per job, five jobs, carry the . . . Whoa! Eddie works 40 hours a day!

Or perhaps he thinks having lunch and asking for bribe money constitues a full days work in one of his “hard” jobs.

And speaking of continuing the race divide, check out this quote from journalist Wendi Thomas:

Black man after black man was making federal court appearances just down the street, while Ford and Peete were trotting their behinds into city hall, for what I fear was business as expected, if not business as usual.

The fact that the vast majority of those arrested as a result of Tennessee Waltz were black has nothing to do with Wendi’s story. If a white journalist were to write the exact same phrase the African-American community would rise up as one and shout, “Racist!” So why does a black journalist get to do so? And what good came from doing so?