Over at Farmer for Congress (whom I endorse) there is a debate going on about my Congressman, Marsha Blackburn. There are complaints that she votes for omnibus spending bills and globalization.

Marsha takes a lot of heat from a lot of people, including (occasionally) me, but I take slight umbrage at these accusations and feel I must insert some rationality into the debate.

Yes, when bills get to the floor she usually votes along party lines but what you don’t see is the monumental amount of work she does behind the scenes to cut out the fat before the bills get to that point. Why do you think the Club for Growth gives her a score of 95 and ranks her 15th in the House?

She is one of the strongest supporters of the Second Amendment we have in Washington.

She went to the Mexican border and visited the Minutemen early in their efforts to bring attention to the crises of national proportions and supported their cause, taking up the rallying cry to bring safety to America.

For years, taxpayers have been able to deduct a portion their state income tax payments from their federal tax burden, leaving a heavier load to those of us living in states without a state income tax. As a freshman in the House, Marsha was successful in getting taxpayers in states that don’t have an income tax (e.g., Tennessee!) an equitable tax break — one of her stated objectives when she first ran. A freshman!

You may blame globalization for manufacturing loses at home, but you’ll be wrong. From 1995 to 2002, manufacturing was down over 15% — in China! (Didn’t see that one coming, did you?)

Poverty is lower under Bush. You may hate No Child Left Behind (I do), but scores are rising. The economy has been doing incredibly well under Bush. Unemployment has been at near-record low levels.

My biggest complaint with Marsha is that she doesn’t understand technology and votes with the RIAA, but that’s just a matter of education.

I will continue to vote for Marsha as long as she continues to act just as she has in the past.

And remember:

If you want to vote for a politician that always votes the way you want them to, run for office.
   – AlphaPatriot

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