One of the most powerful men in Tennessee is Jimmy Naifeh, Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives.

He is also one of the most hated and his star is dimming. Fast.

Last election cycle Naifeh tried to institute an income tax in Tennessee. He pulled out every stop, applied incredible pressure to everyone who opposed him, and used every item in his political bag of tricks. It was politics at its dirtiest and Jimmy came within an hair’s breadth of winning.

But Naifeh didn’t win and he used a lot of political capital trying. He also alienated a lot of voters.

Naifeh rules over district 81 — a distorted district that twists across two counties as a result of Naifeh’s gerrymandering. But even this cannot save him. Naifeh very nearly lost his seat during the last election cycle to Col. Tony Lopez. Who was a late starter. Who was a write-in candidate; a virtual unknown with very little funding.

Naifeh got scared.

Picture of Dr. Jesse CannonDr. Jesse Cannon (pictured at right) is a political unknown, but he has practiced medicine in district 81 for over two decades. A lot of people know him, and those that do also respect him. And he has been campaigning for over a year the old fashioned way — meeting people, shaking hands, looking people in the eye and talking to them. His base is growing.

I had the privilege of hearing Dr. Cannon speak last week at the Shelby County Tennessee Firearms Association meeting. He never dodged a hard question and answered every question fully. He has an impressive resume. He is passionate and a true conservative. And he is challenging Jimmy the Taxman for his seat.

Jimmy Naifeh is rumored to have close to $800,000 in his campaign war chest and is going to spend every penny to keep his seat. Dr. Cannon doesn’t have a tenth of that in his campaign budget but that doesn’t really bother him. He doesn’t think throwing large wads of cash around just because you have it is a good idea. He says that “you can only spend so much money wisely.”

Now that’s a man I can trust with my tax dollars.

In spite of all the protestations of our politicians, the income tax issue is not dead. A defeat for Jimmy Naifeh will send a clear signal to every tax and spend politician not only across this state, but across the entire nation — the taxpayers are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it any more!

Dr. Cannon needs more funds to win this fight (he hasn’t hit that “waste” threshold yet). If you hate the idea of an income tax in Tennessee, send Dr. Cannon a contribution.

I spoke with Dr. Cannon after the meeting (as did many of the members of the audience — he didn’t rush out after giving his speech). Dr. Cannon was genuinely friendly, sincere, and personable. I enjoyed talking to him. If he treats his patients the way he treated us, then I’d really like to have him as my family physician. I am certain he will make a good representative in Nashville.

Really. Get your checkbook, make out a check to The Dr. Jesse Cannon Campaign and send it to:
     Dr. Jesse Cannon Campaign
     P.O. Box 1049
     Munford, TN 38058
along with this form.