Let’s hear it for Sen. Brian Kelsey of Germantown who sponsored a constitutional amendment that will, once and for all, declare an income tax and payroll tax unconstitutional in Tennessee. The measure passed out of the Senate Finance Committee by a vote of 7 to 3.

Even though the state constitution already says an income tax is not allowed in Tennessee, Kelsey said the difficult economic times may prompt lawmakers to try to pass an income tax.

We’ve got eight members of the Legislature who proposed an income tax this year, so if we don’t address this issue now, then when are we going to address it?” Kelsey asked. “In these difficult economic times, I think Tennesseans need the assurance that they will not face an income tax.”

He said the measure would also clarify that a city or county “cannot enact any tax that’s not specifically authorized by the constitution and the Legislature.”

That last is particularly useful here in Memphis, given the grasping greediness of our particular brand of Democrats.

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