From the “yet another no-brainer” category, comes my firm endorsement for Jim Lammey for Criminal Court Judge, Division 5.

Lammey earned an endorsement from the Commercial Appeal, albeit a weak one:

Two impressive candidates — Asst. Dist. Atty. JIM LAMMEY and defense lawyer Dewun Settle — are running to replace retiring Judge Joseph Dailey. Both Lammey, 49, and Settle, 41, have strong backgrounds handling difficult cases in Criminal Court. And both have credible ideas about making the courts operate more efficiently.

However, we recommend Lammey because of his broader experience as a chief prosecutor in Division 3.

But Attorney Richard Fields has the goods on Dewun Settle (emphasis added):

Dewun R. Settle is his opponent and he has serious problems. In 2000, Mr. Settle received a public censure from the Tennessee Board of Professional Responsibility where he neglected his client’s legal matter and failed to file a brief in the Court of Criminal Appeals and was found in willful contempt of court. He also is involved in current litigation with his ex-partners, including Curtis Johnson, for debts of their former law firm. He also has a $9,000 judgment against him in 1998 for legal malpractice involving a personal injury case.

Lammey has 15 years experience as a Shelby County Assistant District Attorney, serving in the Major Violators Unit and the Violent Crimes Prosecution Unit and prosecuting over 50 homicides. He has earned the respect of fellow prosecutors and defense attorneys alike.

On the other hand, Settle has been censured, found in willful contempt and guilty of legal malpractice.

As I said, this one is a no-brainer:

Criminal Court Judge
Division 5

Winner! Vote for This One! Jim Lammey
Unqualified: Don't Pick Dewun R. Settle

Jim Lammey has been endorsed by:

His opponent, Dewun Settle, has been endorsed by:

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