We must conform the system to the Constitution, not the constitution to the system.

That is a quote from Larry Parrish, candidate for Circuit Court Judge Division 8, made during an address to the local chapter meeting of the Tennessee Firearms Association on May 17th of this year.

Larry E. Parrish has my unqualified, enthusiastic endorsement.

Parrish has been a federal prosecutor for ten years and has over 75,000 hours of litigation experience. He grew up in Nashville and was active in the state Democratic Party but as time went on he found that people were compromising principals in the name of politics, so he entered into the Judicial system.

Parrish said, “Nothing in our country needs revolutionizing like the judiciary,” as justice and the rule of law have all but disappeared from our trial courtrooms. He said that before he goes into a courtroom an exchange with his client will go like this:

Parrish: OK, we have the facts on our side and we have the law on our side.

Client: So we’re going to win?

Parrish: I have no idea!

Parrish said that the law and facts have become meaningless; it all depends on which judge you get. Some judges rule by personal opinion, ignoring precedent. It is as if “there are 10,000 little kings in black robes“. In fact, Parrish says, some of the most egregious violations of the law come from conservative Christian judges — it’s just the culture.

Worse yet, according to Parrish the appeals process rarely works because appeals courts don’t like to overrule one of their own. In spite of this, Parrish has filed ethics complaints against judges who have ruled in violation of the law. Furthermore, he worked with legislators to formulate legislation aimed at reforming the appeals process. (And after Republicans take a majority in the House, perhaps we can get some of that legislation passed!)

Parrish believes that we need to get back to the time when judges ruled according to the law, even when they believed the law is wrong. He picked D’Army Bailey to run against because Bailey is as far left as you can get and Parrish is as far right as you can get (note: Bailey is running for his fourth 8-year term).

Parrish spoke of other things, like the need to upgrade the technology in our courts and that we must hire good clerks. But Parrish believes that the most important issue is to punish judges who rule in violation of the law.

Oh yeah, did I mention he’s pro-2nd Amendment? The way it was written, that is. You remember, individual right and all that stuff.

Circuit Court Judge
Division 8

Don't Pick D’Army Bailey
Winner! Vote for This One! Larry E. Parrish

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