The FBI sting investigation into public corruption in Tennessee has come to a close. From the FBI website:

Last month, the undercover sting known as "Tennessee Waltz" (coincidentally, also the official state song), ended where it started: a contractor working in Shelby County Juvenile Court Clerk’s Office was sentenced for his role in a corrupt invoice scam, accepting money for work never performed.

He was the 12th and final subject brought to justice in the case.

So ends our hopes that a wider net would be cast — one that would ensnare King Willie and his cronies.

But at least several state senators, a state representative, two county commissioners, two school board members and several minor players were caught. At least John Ford will finally have to pay for a crime that he committed.

Then again:

For the FBI, public corruption continues to be our top criminal priority. Right now, we have more than 2,500 pending cases—an increase of 50 percent from 2003.

Perhaps an expanded Shelby County Waltz is in the works. We can only hope.