Congressional candidate Tom Leatherwood was a guest on the call-in radio program, The Mike Slater Show, which has posted some audio clips of the Q/A session.

My favorite clip includes a segment in which Leatherwood compares Blackburn to Kerry:

She talks in here, quoting from the article she wrote, she supports a one-year moratorium on "wasteful" budget earmarks and pork barrel projects. Why a one-year moratorium on "wasteful" budget earmarks and pork barrel projects? They need to be eternally eliminated. They shouldn’t have crept in to a so-called "conservative" Republican-controlled congress to the extent that they did to begin with.

Marsha has now signed the pledge opposing earmarks, but to me it is just very Kerry-esque where he voted against the war before he voted for it, or voted for the war before he voted against it. Well, she was for earmarks before she was against ’em. I mean, they’re just wrong.


I put the quotes around "wasteful" above because Leatherwood emphasized the words when he said them. Now to be fair, I read the article that Leatherwood quotes and I took the word "wasteful" in a more generalized fashion, as in all budge earmarks and pork barrel projects are wasteful. On the other hand, even if that was her intent why only a "one-year moratorium"?

Perhaps Leatherwood is right and Marsha has gotten a dose of Potomac Fever after all.

In other news, the Commercial Appeal has an article on a Leatherwood appearance in front of a tough crowd, which finishes up with a rather weak (and untrue) come-back by a Blackburn spokesman.

Also, Tom Leatherwood has picked up the endorsement of 11 Smiths for Huckabee.