An organization calling itself sent me a rather inflammatory letter asking me to contact Senator Paul Stanley, author of a bill that is designed to allow adult citizens of Tennessee to have wine delivered to their home from out of state wineries. One section claims (emphasis in original):

Senate Bill 1977, sponsored  by your local state legislator, Sen. Paul Stanley, will make it legal to ship wine across state lines and directly into the hands of whoever opens the door of a home, no matter what their age. No ID check required.

Yet a simple search of current Tennessee legislation shows that article five of Senate Bill 1977 clearly states:

The containers must contain a label identifying the contents as containing alcohol and stating that a signature of a person age 21 or older is required.

Further, the status summary page shows that there have been no amendments to this legislation, meaning that the requirement of an adult signature has been in the text of the bill since the beginning. is lying, pure and simple. A check of their web site shows that the lie is repeated there as well.

This leads me to believe that is a fascist organization that will stop at nothing in their quest to extinguish freedom. The end, after all, justifies the means.