The Feds (in the form of the Department of Education) have put Memphis City Schools in the “good standing” category for the first time in 3 years.

But the state has given Memphis Schools all “D’s” and “F’s” for overall achievement — again.

The Tennessee Department of Education gave Memphis City Schools “D’s” in math, reading and social studies and an “F” in science for overall achievement in kindergarten through 8th grades. …

But students did better than they did the year before. The district got high marks for progress, with “B’s” for Math and Reading and “A’s” for Social Studies and Science.

So how well are Memphis schools doing to deserve that “B” and “A” for improvement?

  • One in three high-schoolers have sub-par math skills
  • One in five elementary and middle-schoolers don’t measure up in math
  • One in five kindergarten through 8th grade students don’t make the grade in reading
  • One in ten high schoolers reading skills aren’t up to snuff

Fayette County students aren’t doing much better, earning the district a “D” in Math, Reading and Language and Social Studies and a big, fat “F” in Science.

Tipton County students fare much better with “B’s” in Math, Reading and Language and “C’s” in Social Studies and Science (about the same as the state average).

Shelby County schools, however, have reason to be proud: straight “A’s” in achievement and for academic progress.

No wonder Memphis mayor “King Willie” Herrenton wants to consolidate the Memphis and county school systems; adding in the county schools would result in a nice “C” average for his “legacy”.