As Speaker of the House, Jimmy Nero Naifeh has long wielded power with an arrogance seldom seen outside of a tyrant’s palace. Bill after bill passes the Senate, but Naifeh uses his dark and absolute powers to ensure that the House companion bill never makes it out of committee.

The one time that a pro-gun bill actually made it to the House floor, Naifeh broke House rules in order to kill it. If you doubt it just do a little digging and you will find the video of the House proceedings.

Lawyer, activist and TeamGOP principal Jeff Ward reports that just one day after Naifeh’s hometown paper ran an op-ed penned by Ward in which he addresses Naifeh’s hoplophobic record, Naifeh goes to the gun range. And why?

Strangely enough, Naifeh and eight or nine comrades attended a private class for their concealed carry permit on Saturday March 29, 2008.  I guess Naifeh wants to get his permit to combat the negative press this fall in his re-election campaign.

Naifeh has fought arming the populace tooth and nail for years, yet he takes advantage of laws passed in spite of him in order to arm himself. Why the hypocrisy?

Could it be that Naifeh is about to loose state protection because he is going to retire?

One can only hope and pray.