Rep. Stacey Campfield has an anecdote that occurred while he was waiting for a piece of his legislation to be discussed. Frank Nicely’s bill (Stacy’s officemate) for allowing permit holders to carry in state parks came up. Campfield was shocked when:

Rep. Rob Briley amended the bill to allow people to carry any where except where not allowed by federal law(as long as they have a licence). Frank was dumb struck and didn’t know what to say.

Where is the Rob Briley we know and hate? I had to applaud I was so in shock. Rob if you keep this up we may have to make you an honorary Republican.

I have my doubts as to Briley’s motivation. Making a bill even more pro-gun is sure to draw Tyrant Naifeh’s ire which is certain death for any legislation. Still, Briley’s action is worth noting.