Tennessee State Representative Brian Kelsey (R-Dist.83, Germantown/Memphis) spoke to the Shelby County chapter of the Tennessee Firearms Association tonight.

The most interesting thing about talking to Republican state reps is reading between the lines of what they say about their experiences. If you pay attention you soon get a picture of how things work: if you don’t make Speaker Naifeh mad then you may get your legislation passed, but if you cross him he will make certain that your legislation never sees the light of day on the House floor.

Naifeh is a petty tyrant with no regard for rules or procedures and he seems to abuse his position whenever the whim strikes him. For example, read this post by South End Grounds. Or this post by Rep. Campfield or this post by Bill Hobbs.

Brian Kelsey pic
Now back to Rep. Kelsey, who (among other things) was trying to fix an antiquated law. According to Kelsey, anyone who goes to Starbucks and connects to the supplied wireless network is breaking the law in Tennessee — a law passed well before the explosive growth of wireless networks.

Kelsey introduced a bill that basically says that any network that has been left open for anonymous use is fair game. The bill was passed out of the subcommittee, and then out of the full Judiciary committee. The next stop for every bill is the Calendar and Rules Committee where they are usually rubber stamped to scheduled for the House floor.

Let me mention here that Rep. Kelsey is not one of those “whatever you wish, Master Naifeh” type of RINOs like the Naifeh Nine that voted for Naifeh for Speaker. So it is should come as no surprise that Kelsey has crossed Naifeh from time to time.

Back to the Calendar and Rules Committee, a committee of 21 Democrats and 4 Republicans — two of whom are members of the Naifeh Nine. [Does that seem fair for a House with 53 Democrats and 46 Republicans?]

Rep. Kelsey begins explaining his bill and Speaker Naifeh rudely interrupted (ignoring parlimentary procedure) and mandated that it be sent back to committee. [Note: travesties like this can be seen on the live internet feed.]

Yet another example of Naifeh’s tyranny.

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