Turncoat Republican senator Michael Williams recently won reelection and promptly betrayed his constituency by voting for Democrat John Wilder for Lt. Governor. Wilder returned the favor by naming Williams Speaker Pro Tem and placing him on the Senate Finance and Commerce committees.

Nashville talk radio host Steve Gill is calling for an investigation into Williams’ campaign expenditures (for a race in which he ran unoppossed):

“The Tennessee Registry of Election Finance and the Senate itself should
seek answers from Williams about $1300 paid to his ex-wife for
“fundraising”; payments for Senate license plates which are legally
limited to use by Senators and their direct families; payment for tickets!
to NASCAR races and for other collectibles and memorabilia which may or
may not be legitimate campaign expenses; payments for a “jacket”; payments
for gasoline for the Senator’s vehicle which may also have been reimbursed
as part of his Senate per diem; and payments for numerous “framing”
expenses that may or may not have been for the Senator’s personal use.” In
calling for an investigation into the questionable entries on the
Senator’s financial disclosure forms Gill also pointed out that the use of
campaign funds for personal use may also raise issues under the I.R.S. tax
code governing un-reported income.

At this point, Gill noted, it is not clear whether the Senator has
violated Tennessee election rules and laws, but there is certainly a basis
for a full and fair investigation into the questionable expenses reported
to the Registry of Election Finance by Senator Williams. “Who are the
beneficiaries of all these “gifts”! from Senator Williams,” Gill asked,
“and how do they relate directly to his re-election – particularly when he
was unopposed?”

Source: Newsletter from TeamGOP