John Ford was found guilty of fraudulently using political campaign funds by the Tennessee Registry of Election Finance. They also fined him $10,000 for using campaign money on his daughter’s wedding:

The powerful Memphis Democrat told the election finance board the spending was legal because roughly one-third of the wedding attendees lived in his Senate district.

Ford’s imaginative defense of, “Well, everyone else is doing it!” worked about as well as it did for me when I was a child.

On a related note, What Can Brown Do For You? reports that Ford has already announced that he will not run for reelection:

As for his future plans: ”You never can tell. I might run for mayor. I might run for county commissioner. I don’t know. I might even try to go to Washington.”

Is J. Ford positioning for taking nephew’s Congressional seat?

Why not? The people of that district vote for the name (Fords have run the local political scene for decades, although the rise of Mayor Willie Herrenton gives the Ford family some competition).