Terry Roland, Candidate for TN Senate Dist. 29Terry Roland is running for the Tennessee Senate in District 29. You may remember Terry as being the winner of the special election before Ophelia Ford found some miracle votes and when I say “miracle” I mean miracle as some of the voters in that election were dead when they cast their vote.

Roland spoke to the Shelby County chapter of the Tennessee Firearms Association last Thursday.

According to Roland, district 29 is not only the poorest district in Tennessee, it also contains the largest concentration of senior citizens in the state. (This after three decades of Ford “leadership”.)

What makes Terry Roland think that he can win this race? Because there are 60,000 registered Democrats in the district but 128,000 registered voters. And because a lot of those voters are tired of Ford leadership — even a lot of the Democrats. He remarked that Keith Oberman has said that Shelby County has taken over from Cook County as the most corrupt county in the nation.

Roland talked about some of the main topics from his platform:

Healthcare: There are a half million people living in Tennessee that don’t have any medical insurance. He gave the example of his mother, who at age 64 is spending $1,2OO every month to pay for health insurance — and that’s with a $3,000 deductible!

The Department of Transportation has 1.7 billion dollar surplus, the majority of which comes from an oppressive 32 cents per gallon gas tax (a lot of politicians claim that this surplus comes from federal money, but that’s not true).

Roland proposes using part of the DOT budget surplus and putting it into TennCare, reversing the Governor’s removal of thousands of people from the TennCare rolls.

Also, we must put an end to baseless and frivolous lawsuits that drive up the costs of medical care, which leads us to the next topic.

Tort Reform: Basically, the loser pays whenever fraud is discovered. That is, if you bring a false lawsuit in an attempt to use the judicial system to extort money you will pay your court costs as well as the person you are suing.

Education: Only ten percent of lottery money is used for the kids: 8% is used for scholarships and 2% for pre-K and after school child care. The rest is used for operating expenses like bonuses for Rebecca Paul and her staff.

And even though some kids are benefiting from the scholarships that come out of lottery money, the real tragedy is the millions of kids that never get a chance to learn enough to ever qualify for college — much less a scholarship.

Roland proposes taking another IO per cent of the money generated by the lottery and using it to improve education for K through 12. He recognizes that we can’t fix all our schools all at once so he says we should concentrate on first grade the first year. Next year we’ll take on second grade, and so on. It will take 12 12 years but in the end the schools will be fixed.

Additionally, Roland said that what is wrong with education can be traced back to when they took the 3 Ps out of the schools: the Pledge, Prayer and the Paddle!

Seniors: Roland proposes an immediate rollback of property taxes for every senior to the rate that they paid when they were 63. It should be frozen at that point and then completely phased out over time.

Second Amendment: Although the right of self defense is not an official issue on his platform, Roland is a strong supporter of the right to carry. He is a carry permit holder, a lifetime member of the NRA and (as soon as the paperwork goes through in Nashville) a member of the Tennessee Firearms Association. He supports the restaurant carry bill that Naifeh has repeatedly killed in recent years.

Voting Reform: In conversation, Roland also said that he supports using picture IDs for voting. This is unsurprising given that he would be a Senator today had that rule been in place.

Comments: Overall, I found Terry Roland to be straight forward and reasonable. He’s just a guy that has become concerned, saw an opportunity to improve things when John Ford was arrested in the FBI Tennessee Waltz sting and decided to do something.

I am continually stunned by the arrogance displayed by Ophelia Ford. Her campaign slogan says to “re-elect” her, even though her “win” was tossed out by the courts and nullified by the Tennessee Senate. She refuses to engage in any debates with Roland. In a recent community meeting set up by the NAACP in a church, I saw that Terry Roland, Mark White and Harold Ford Jr. attended while Ophelia was nowhere to be seen.

Hopefully, enough of the constituents of district 29 have had enough of that kind of behavior.

While Roland and I don’t agree on all the issues, we at least agree on what the issues are and agree on how to handle enough of them that I can give him my support.

AlphaPatriot officially endorses Terry Roland for Senate District 29. My check went out in yesterday’s mail.

As Roland said at the meeting:

It’s not about sending Terry Roland to Nashville – it’s about sending all of us.

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