A friend received a letter from from Tommy Roland, ex-brother-in-law of state senate candidate Randy Camp. The letter has been placed online by the Nashville Post. It is, to say the least, inflammatory. In part:

Randy Camp’s conduct while married to my sister was horrible. He was having several affairs right under our noses. His actions have resulted in at least two broken marriages and damage to others, Families in both Crockett and Gibson Counties have been hurt by all of this. Lisa also received anonymous letters from Nashville telling her of extramarital affairs as well.

Yet the facts seem to bear out Roland’s claims. What is more, perusing the terms of the divorce agreement between the politically-connected attorney Randy Camp and his wife of over 20 years, a mere housewife, is unbelievably skewed in Randy Camp’s favor.

I hope the voters realize that a man that has a long history of screwing everything in sight cannot be trusted to hold office.

AlphaPatriot endorses Rep. Dolores Gresham for Tennessee Senate District 26.