Tomorrow is election day here in Tennessee. For conservative voters, there is one important choice yet to make: Ed Bryant or Van Hilleary for TN Senate?

My friends, it is time to toss Van:

  1. Going into early voting, Ed was ahead of Van in the polls.
  2. Shelby County is Ed’s back yard and the number of voters that turned out for early voting set a new record.
  3. On the average, there was light voting across the rest of the state, which is bad news for Van. He cannot win.
  4. The light voting across the rest of the state is also bad for Corker. The unique combination of voting patterns gives me hope for the first time that Ed can beat Corker in spite of the money Corker is throwing at the election.

At this point, Van is out. A vote for Van is a vote for Corker who, incidentally polls the worst against Ford.

And really, in the end, there’s just not that much difference between Corker and Ford.

The decision is clear. Vote Ed Bryant, the true conservative in the race. Don’t believe me? Read Enduring Faith, Personal Integrity, Conservative Values by one who worked closely with Ed for almost three years.

And if anyone is looking for guidance as to how to vote for the forty county judicial races or 27 state judical confirmations take a look at my recommendations. Hours of research so you don’t have to!

Download and print the Complete AlphaPatriot’s Shelby County Voter’s Guide. Take it with you to the polls. Pass it out to your friends!

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