Attorney Tonya Saafir (website not yet active) addressed the SCCRC (Shelby County Conservative Republican Club), and the following is the results of my rather hurried notes.


She was quite a good speaker and had quite a good story to tell:

She is a veteran who is the daughter of veterans. She comes from a patriotic family and her mom was in Desert Storm.

After getting out of the service she went to Austin Peay State University. In spite of being a single mother of four small children (she was divorced), she graduated magna cum laude with a law degree.

She became a public defender and after a year she stepped out into private practice (something difficult to do for anyone, particularly difficult for a single mother whose oldest is ten).

She spoke about trying to raise her children in today’s environment. She is afraid for them and feels “locked in” because they have to hide behind locked doors.

She believes in second chances for non-violent offenders. Those that assault, rape and murder are a different story, but she believes in rehabilitation and change.

As I said, Tonya was an impressive speaker. She did not mention her party affiliation, although after listening to her I think that she would be a most conservative Democrat. Voting in Memphis lists her as having voted only three times in the last 12 years, one of which was in a Democrat primary. Then again, she didn’t register to vote in Shelby County until September of 2000 and (obviously) she has been rather busy.

Tonya’s opponent is incumbent Judge Paula Skahan, who was appointed by Gov. Bredesen in 2004. Skahan has voted 16 times in the last 12 years, 9 of those times were in Democrat primaries.

Judge Skahan acheived local noteriety when she disallowed 33 pounds of cocaine discovered during a traffic stop. The drug smuggler was going eight miles over the speed limit, but Skahan ruled that the police officer illegally detained the criminal and subsequently illegally searched the criminal’s vehicle. There has been much debate about the case, but the bottom line is that her decision was upheld by the appeals court.

AlphaPatriot Pick: If the vote were today, I would pick Tonya Saafir. Her drive, committment to family, ability to get ahead in spite of obsticles, her passion, her background and her (admittedly brief) talk about values were impressive. Besides, LeftWing Cracker is supporting the incumbent, a diehard Democrat appointed by Bredesen.