Quote of the Day comes from Wendi Thomas, who for once gets something absolutely right as she writes about the recent arrests of Memphis City Councilmen Rickey Peete and Edmund Ford:

No insult to addicts intended, this award goes to anyone whose behavior is so bizarre, so devoid of any common sense, so head-scratchingly stupid that the only explanation is a serious addiction to the crack pipe.

Indeed, as Wendi goes on to point out there have been a steady stream of arrests for the last 16 months of officials and gadflys on bribery and corruption charges. Who but an utter idiot would consider taking a bribe in this environment?

Only those who are arrogant enough to think that they won’t get caught and, even if they do, will either get freed by a Memphean jury or re-elected by Memphis voters after doing a very short sentence.

The sad thing is that the latter is undoubtedly true.